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The New Frontier in Facial Aesthetics Geelong

The New Frontier in Facial Aesthetics Geelong

An injectable treatment that holds a naturally occurring molecule to freeze and dissolve fat tissue is now available to treat under chin fat deposit areas.

Australian men and woman troubled by submental fullness now have a new non-surgical option to help streamline their profile with the inclusion of an injectable treatment on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. While many associate a double chin with being overweight, in reality it can occur in both men and women of any body type, with ageing, genetics or a change in weight the main causes.

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Our Master injector Debra Bedford holds specialised consults for this procedure. Contact us via email us at info@luminosityskin.com.au or call 52217676 to book an appointment

Adult Acne Treatments at Luminosity Geelong

Adult Acne Treatments at Luminosity Geelong

Still suffering from blemish-prone skin but feel that you're too old to be getting spots? It's a problem more common than you think -  many women are diagnosed with some form of acne during their adult lives.

Finding the right treatment or advice can be tricky...do you obsess over keeping your skin clean? What skincare should you use? Which skin treatment is going to be the right one for you? Laser, Peels or Facials.... the list can be quite extensive so we suggest you engage an expert to help tailor a skin plan specifically for your needs.

Our team of experts includes Dr Kath Reynolds and skin technicians Michelle Doolan, both work together to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.

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Book your Skin Check in Geelong

Book your Skin Check in Geelong

Skin Check, Mole Map from Head to Toe


Who needs MoleMap?

Everyone can benefit from Mole Mapping. In particular you should consider it if you:

  • have many moles
  • have any moles that look odd or irregular
  • have moles that are changing in size or colour
  • have itchy moles
  • or any one in your family has had skin cancer
  • have a history of severe sunburns in early life
  • often spend time outdoors
  • have used sunbeds in the past

You need to get regular checks from your health professional or a trusted ‘mole-spotting’ partner who is trained in skin examination.

After skin cancer is detected and removed, it is highly recommended checks should be conducted yearly by a qualified professional such as Dr Kath. Skin cancer can develop quickly, so catching it early is key.

Our experienced doctor offers full body skin checks from head to toe, consulting about all types of skin concerns

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