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Tattoo Removal

Tattoos Removal, Geelong

Tattoos need not be permanent...

Tattoos are very popular, but many people want them removed permanently or removed to have a new one. The good news is that tattoos do not need to be permanent. Tattoo removal using methods such as cutting the tattoo out, scrubbing the tattoo off using a motorised metal brush or acid peels are thankfully a thing of the past.

Lasers now offer a better, more patient-friendly solution!

Laser tattoo removal has become the standard treatment for tattoo removal because it offers an effective alternative that is low-risk, bloodless and has minimal side effects. With Laser, now even the most complex multi-colored tattoos can be removed. End the embarrassment of unwanted tattoos with the right laser, all common tattoo colors can be removed; black and dark tones, blues and sky blues, reds and tans, as well as greens.

Laser affects the tattoo with very short and strong laser pulses that penetrate deep into the skin, without injuring the top layers. These pulses are then absorbed by the pigments in the ink which breaks them up into smaller particles. These are then naturally absorbed by the body’s own immune system. People who have had tattoo removal by laser say that the laser process feels like a rubber band snapping the skin.

The number of treatments depends on the size of your tattoo as well as its location, depth and color. Amateur tattoos are the easiest to remove whereas professional ones may require more treatment sessions. The tattoo will fade slowly between treatments as your body removes the remainders of the tattoo pigment.

Recommended Treatment:

•  6-9 treatments for the best results

A $50 fee is taken at the time of booking. This will be deducted at checkout after treatment.

Starting at $150 

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A $50 consultation fee applies for all appointments at Luminosity Skin Clinic. This booking fee is rebatable on all products and services. 

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