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How To Cope with Skin Affected by Wearing a Facial Mask

Posted on July 30 2020

Skin-implications of wearing a facial mask and how to deal with them

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On the new announcement of our region's mandatory mask rule, we thought it an opportune time to talk about the skin-implications associated with wearing a facial mask. ⁠

Common issues we're seeing of late are dryness and dehydration, as well as rashes and break outs in the areas covered. ⁠

Some handy hints when wearing a COVID precaution mask are;
  • Place an aloe vera tissue inside the mask and change every hour.
  • Use a lanolin-based lip balm as much as you can to hydrate the lips (not Vaseline as this can exacerbate dryness).
  • Use Vitamin HB5 products such as hyaluronic acid sheet masks as much as possible.
  • Take Nature's Own Vitamin HB5 tablets twice a day to assist with hydration from the inside out. 

To better ensure nourishment and proper hydration in the facial area, we have created a skincare pack which will aid in repairing the damage and irritation caused by the daily wear of your facial mask.⁠

Comprising of the 4 ultimate products necessary for skins experiencing irritation and inflammation, this tool kit includes a hydrating Serum, Cloth Mask, Under Eye Masks and Bonus Vitamin B3 Supplement. ⁠

Purchase the Hydrate & Repair Pack for Mask Irritation and Damage (Value $230 + Free Express Shipping)⁠ here.

Even if you're not required to wear a mask, this pack is perfect at targeting dryness and damage the winter elements are having on the skin. 


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