Double Chin Treatment

New injectable treatment for redefining the chin

This stubborn pad of fat is a very common concern - even for the fittest and slimmest amongst us. Thankfully, we now have this option: a non-surgical treatment for both men and women that leads to a sleeker, more refined profile.

Cause: Excess fat beneath the chin often develops simply due to ageing or heredity. This makes it difficult to address through exercise or eating right.

Treatment: When injected below the chin, it reduces fat, resulting in a more contoured neck profile and jawline. Your treatment is customised for your individual anatomy and circumstances. The procedure is a non-surgical treatment.

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"A recent encounter with treatment at Luminosity Skin had me caught with mixed feelings – between wanting the results to improve my appearance while worrying that I was ‘just being vain.’ My treatment journey at Luminosity has shown me that these feelings are not uncommon; many women experience this dilemma. At Luminosity Skin, the consultation, treatment and amazing follow up support, has made my experience with Belkyra very positive. I have complete trust in Karen and her staff. I was especially comforted by Deb, the ‘master injector’ who was very reassuring during the treatment procedure. I look forward to the results to come. I’ve come to see my decision is not just vanity; I have allowed myself this opportunity to enhance my physical appearance, raising my self-esteem and confidence in the process.”

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