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REJURAN is a bio-regenerator injectable that is ideal for those looking to achieve a naturally healthy glow, refresh their complexion, and address a range of common skin concerns. This treatment directly delivers bio-compatible polynucleotides into the skin to improve overall skin health from the inside.

What is RJURAN
REJURAN is a bio-remodelling injectable that stimulates your body to increase its own production of collagen. It has been a popular skin rejuvenation method in Korea for over 10 years, only just becoming available in the Australian market in 2023.

The poly-nucleotide DNA derived substance is injected superficially into the dermis of the skin, which normalises the condition of the skin to promote new cell growth, thus restoring the health of the epidermis and dermis, and improving the skin health and elasticity.

REJURAN is one of the only injectable treatments that can be safely administered around the eyes and eyelids.

What is REJURAN made from?
REJURAN is a non hyaluronic acid based poly-nucleotide DNA substance derived from wild salmon sperm. This poly-nucleotide DNA is well known for its ability to stimulate the growth of fibroblasts in the dermis, which are responsible for generating collagen and elastin.

How does REJURAN rejuvenate the skin?
REJURAN induces natural collagen production, which creates a tightening effect. It also helps improve skin hydration, texture, brightness, and overall appearance, and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What is the Treatment Process?
Due to the type of procedure, Luminosity requires each candidate to present to the clinic the day before the proposed treatment for a thorough consultation.

Within this consult our nurses will examine the client’s medical history and ensure that REJURAN is the right fit for them, their skin and their concerns.

The consultation is a $50 investment which is redeemable on the treatment itself and can be secured through our online booking portal.

For any questions regarding this treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us.