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Nadia Stamp x skinMD Molemapping

Posted on September 03 2020

Nadia Stamp

Geelong personality Nadia Stamp came to skinMD this week for her first Mole Mapping experience.

Nadia Stamp Skin Check Geelong Cancer 2020

"I couldn't believe the level of sophistication when it came to the skin scanning technology at skinMD. The whole body scan only took about 10 minutes was quick, easy and I was made to feel very comfortable throughout the process thanks to lovely Liz. My chat with Dr Kath following the scan was very informative, eye opening and I felt greatly cared for.

 couldn't recommend this process any higher. Skin safety is so important and the guys at skinMD make it such an easy, quick and painless journey.
Can't wait for my next scan in a year or two." 
- Nadia Stamp

Launched in early May, the FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM is the ultimate in automated total body photography and video dermoscopy. When it comes to Skin Cancer detection, early is no longer soon enough. Performing full-body mapping in less than 5 minutes, the FotoFinder Bodystudio is able to quickly diagnose melanoma and other skin cancers as early as possible.

Now is THE time to make a booking and have a skin scan, check and Mole Map with Dr Kath Reynolds to ensure you're in the clear.

*Medicare rebates may apply.

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