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Why do I need a professional Skin Check?

Posted on June 18 2020

Nothing looks better in your 50s than sunscreen in your twenties.

Living in Australia, a country with one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, it is important to have regular skin checks by a professional. But how often is often enough? And at what age should you start getting checked?
While the ageing population are at a higher risk of developing all types of cancer, skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among adolescents and young adults. Therefore, regardless of your age, it’s important to regularly check your skin.

The Cancer Council recommends adults should check their own skin and moles every 3 months.
If you’re concerned about your skin cancer risk or notice anything on your skin that’s changed in size, shape or colour, book an appointment to see a GP straight away.

Dr Kath Reynolds specialises in Skin and Mole Analysis and recommends an annual visit to ensure all is being cared for.

With the four main skin cancers & disorders, Melanoma's, Basal Cell, Squamous Cell Carcinomas and the highly active Solar Keratoses being treated more than ever, today we cant express enough the importance of a reliable practitioner to complete your Skin Health Check.

The sun is the biggest contributor for advanced ageing, pigmentation, rosacea and skin sensitivities.

At Luminosity Skin we focus on Skin Health, we recommend PREVENTION with the use of a broad spectrum sunscreen, active skincare to encourage good skin health and the option for treatment to help stabilise active signs of sun-damage. 

Below is a wonderful video that shows how important sunscreen application is.

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