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Chelsea, our Registered Nurse and Master Injector

Posted on June 11 2020

Meet Chelsea, our DIV 1 Nurse and Master Injector here at Luminosity Skin.

She has over a decades worth of experience injecting; previously working alongside a renowned Plastic Surgeon in Toorak. ⁠⠀

If you haven't already heard, as of June 21st, Luminosity will become Geelong's premier Boutique Injectables Clinic, specialising only in anti-wrinkle and filler injectables.⁠⠀
We asked Chelsea how she felt about Lumi becoming an injectables-only clinic...⁠⠀
"It was always my dream to be a cosmetic injector. I love looking at a face and working out natural and clever ways to either add volume, lift, strengthen or soften. My goal is to have each and every Client leaving feeling informed and delighted with their treatment and have a plan in mind which will positively assist with the ageing process for the future. ⁠⠀
I always speak from the heart when it comes to peoples faces and will happily tell clients whether they should or shouldn’t have a specific treatment. For me less is always more. ⁠⠀
I am so looking forward to long and caring relationships with all of our new and existing clients." - Chelsea⁠⠀
If you've been thinking about coming in for an injectables consultation, now is the perfect time to do so.⁠
Book an appointment with Chelsea online today.


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