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Natasha Cook Concentrated Hydration+



Product Details

By Dr Natasha Cook Cosmeceuticals

Intense rehab and Barrier Repair. 


Never underestimate the role of the quality of the moisturiser you are using on your skin. A well formulated moisturiser is ESSENTIAL. 

The Hydration is not an equal moisturiser. Its a superior intense hydrating cream. Continuing our theme of mult-itasking , clever combination ingredient skincare, the CONCENTRATED HYDRATION is no exception. It multitasks as a night cream, general enriching moisturiser cream and eye cream all in one. It  combines occlusive shea butter, medical grade lanolin (which mimics the skins natural sebum) and canola oil, to stop moisture loss due to evaporation. Humectant water binding glycerin holds moisture in binds water from the atmosphere into your skin. Working together to replenish the epidermal barrier while preventing moisture loss for healthy high functioning skin. It sinks in with its skin combatible lipids. No oiliness and lasts all day! Perfect or long haul flights.

In addition we have boosted the formula with 5% clinical levels of prescriptive B3. B3 is well documented in dermatological science as a true multi-tasker with a plethora of skin worthy benefits. Research confirms that topically applied Vitamin B3 is an important weapon against skin cancer and ageing. Our high dose 5% Vitamin B3 boosts your skins immunity against the depleting effects of sun exposure. It protects against UV damage, strengthens the barrier, assists in fading pigmentation and is protective against redness and sensitivity.  Its stable, penetrates readily with many skin benefits.


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