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Natasha Cook Concentrated Illuminator



Product Details

By Dr Natasha Cook Cosmeceuticals

Lightening and Brightening serum. 


10%Vit B3 and 10% Vit C, HA and peptides

Wear your Vitamins To Lighten, Brighten, Rebuild and Protect.

Dr Natasha Cook® CONCENTRATED ILLUMINATOR is a multi-tasking serum with a clever combination of 10% Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and 10% Vitamin C. In keeping with our brand values we deliver on the concentration front. Most serums have 4-5% Niacinamide. We’ve doubled the dose to 10% then added in 10% C to double its effectiveness and performance.

Vitamin B3 is one of the essential skin care vitamins in dermatologic science. Australian research has shown Vitamin B3 is an important weapon against skin cancer and ageing. It boosts the immunity of the skin. B3 assists in the fading of pigmentation. It has been shown to increase skin hydration, stabilise the barrier function and reduce skin sensitivity.
Vitamin C has well established itself as an essential ingredient to boost collagen. It is a safe and effective skin-lightening agent, working well with B3, while protecting the skin from free radicals. Together Vitamin B3 and C lighten, brighten, rebuild and protect.

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