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Lumi Light x Impressions in Hair

Lumi Light x Impressions in Hair

Lumi Light Edition 7: Murray McKinnon of Impressions in Hair


If you're local to Geelong, you will recognise the name Impressions in Hair. 
Founded 32 years ago by Murray McKinnon, the hairdressing unit has now expanded to a Geelong institution, featuring salons in four prime Geelong locations.  

You can find Murray and his amazing team in the CBD, Highton, Herne Hill and West Geelong.

From the moment you step into any of their four doors, you'll get the full Impressions experience and will be made to feel very welcome and part of the family.

To learn more of Murray's journey and how COVID has impacted the business, read below..

What inspired you to create Impressions in Hair?
As a young 22 year old, myself and my manageress at the time Peg, decided to create a space of our own (Impressions in Hair) 
Our inspiration then was to create a long lasting impression on our clients.
My inspiration now (34 years later) is to inspire my staff and I’m learning more than ever just how the industry is forever growing and changing. 

What’s the best part about being a business owner?
Sharing the knowledge with your staff and having great relationships over many years.

How much impact has the restrictions in trade caused by COVID-19 had on you and your business? How have you had to adapt?
We have had to alter staff hours due to the social distancing with our clients. We have changed our opening hours to now include 3 late nights, this provides additional flexibility to both our loyal staff and valued clients. 

I am extremely fortunate to have a loyal and dedicated team that have been open to change during these challenging times.

What does the ‘Recovery’ phase of C-19 look like for Impressions in Hair?
We are currently in the process of planning a renovation on the salon. This will give us the opportunity to create a smarter work space for our staff and a comfortable environment for our clients. Our highest priority is to ensure that both staff and clients are provided with a safe environment.

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself at the start of 2020, what would it be?
To be kind and patient and hold on, its going to be a bumpy ride!

What are couple of your favourite local Geelong small businesses and why
NOVA – Balinese Kitchen
– great food and service plus I am part owner!

TOTAL HOSPITALITY- We get all our paper cups, disinfectant, cleaning products. They also offer great service and I get family discount!

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