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Lumi Light x Truffle Duck

Lumi Light x Truffle Duck

Lumi Light Edition 6: Deb Nash of Truffle Duck.


Born out of a small cafe in James Street Geelong, The Truffleduck of today has evolved hugley since it's humble beginnings as cafe, Ruby's Tea Rooms.

33 years on and Truffleduck stands as one of Geelong's leading event and catering businesses.

When it comes to the weddings, parties and corporate events of Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast, the service this group provide is second to none. 

Boasting fine foods, exceptional fit outs and event planning prowess, this creative team know what it means to provide an exceptional occasion where guests come together to celebrate in our fabulous region. 

⁠We sat down with longstanding Truffleduck employee Deb Nash, to chat how she's had to adjust her approach to operate during COVID-19. Read more below..

What inspired you to create Truffle Duck?
Hugh was inspired to buy a café having worked in the hospitality industry whilst studying at Deakin University. He bought Ruby’s tearooms in 1988 and changed the name to Truffleduck later that year, I joined him the following year as the dishwasher and counter hand and thus began the journey.

Whats the best part about being part of the Truffleduck journey? 
The best part about having involved in a business like Truffleduck is building long term professional relationships and friendships with people I have met over the journey. The satisfaction of providing exceptional customer experience over such a long period of time and developing such a well respected brand in Geelong and surrounding areas including Melbourne has been exceptionally fulfilling.

How much impact has the restrictions in trade caused by COVID-19 had on you and your business? How have you had to adapt?
We've seen a massive impact with so many events being postponed and the cashflow stopping, not only in the short-term but also the uncertainty of when we can move forward to the new norm in events. We have adapted by creating the Duck Out meal packs which continue to be popular even though cafes have reopened. We also have created the pop-up ‘Duck In’ café at our venue in Fyansford, which is pleasing many local residents and river walkers as well as the passing motorists who can now drive through for their morning coffee.

What does the 'Recovery' phase of C-19 look like for TD?
With fingers strongly crossed we await the ability to get back to the joy of providing amazing food and great service to all of the events we have booked through to early 2022.

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself at the start of 2020, what would it be?
Like so many catastrophes It was impossible to predict COVID but I guess in hindsight the lesson is to always be prepared and as much as possible be in a strong commercial position at all times.

Lastly, what are a couple of your favourite local Geelong small businesses and why?
Geelong Cellar Door because it is a small business run by passionate people who take time to know their customers and support local producers and it’s a great place to unwind with friends.  

Box Office Café for much the same reason, start your day with Mark at boxy and finish with Johnny at Cellar door! 

Also Bottles and Barrell’s, Born and Bread Bakehouse, Blank space Canteen…… funny how all of these are all hospitality businesses.

For non-hospitality in Geelong, I love Blo-out Bar, Blush Bar, Glos Nailbar Geelong and Luminosity.

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