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Mela Peel Forte

Lighten and brighten! A peel to reduce the appearance of pigment spots, melasma and post-inflammatory pigmentation

Mela Peel Forte is a professional grade chemical peel designed by Dermaceutic Laboratoire to target pigmentation spots, post-inflammatory pigmentation and melasma, while giving a harmonized complexion and even skin tone.

Mela Peel is a medium depth peel, which means it is stronger than a light or superficial peel but does not have the downtime associated with deeper peels. Suitable for all skin types and all photo types. With its concoction of acids like mandelic acid, idebenone, emblica, retinol and salicylic acid, skin can be smoother and more even-toned; helping lines and pores to gradually diminish as new collagen is stimulated.

Mela Peel Forte is suitable for all skin types, including photosensitive and sensitive skin. Mela Peel Forte is formulated at concentrations to optimize efficacy with minimal risks or side-effects. Your Dermaceutic specialist will recommend the ideal pre- and post- peel regimen to optimize results.

Why Mela Peel?

  • Highly concentrated combination of active ingredients for optimal efficacy
  • Proven action on all mechanisms of pigmentation
  • Progressive protocol
  • No downtime and minimal risk of side effects
  • Long-lasting results with on-going patient care
  • Suitable for all skin types


For the appearance of pigment spots, epidermal melasma and post-inflammatory pigmentation.

  • Reduces appearance of superficial melasma and pigment spots
  • Promotes even complexion
  • Improves skin radiance, clarity and brightness

    Recommended treatment plans:

    • Performed in-clinic. Any follow up treatments will be advised by your practitioner.