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Dermaplaning Deluxe


Say goodbye to your peach fuzz and hello to a flawless makeup application


Dermaplaning is a pain-free and quick process that removes the valis hair (peach fuzz) from the face and neck.
Valis hair is the often light and fine hair that coats areas of our face like the cheeks and close to the hairline. Unlike other types of hair, it won't grow back thicker or darker when removed, so these side effects won't happen when the valis hair is removed. 
The removal of this peach fuzz helps with skincare penetrating more deeply into the skin, a better makeup application and provides a gentle exfoliation. 

Treats: Excessive peach fuzz, congestion, uneven makeup application.

Treatment: The treatment itself will consist of a thorough cleanse, before our Dermal Clinician will gently rub the upper layer of the skin with a surgical scalpel. This process is painless, and also gently exfoliates the dead skin cells that sit atop the skin.

After the valis hair is removed, we will apply a light peel that will penetrate deeply thanks to the dermaplaning performed before, and will brighten and hydrate the skin. You'll leave this treatment absolutely glowing and with the perfect canvas for a flawless makeup application.

Call Luminosity on 52217676 to book your consultation or book online. 

A $50 consultation fee applies for all appointments at Luminosity Skin Clinic. This booking fee is rebatable on all products and services. 

For bookings with any of our GPs, the booking fee is rebatable on your Skin Doctor consultation only (not on other products and services).