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Biretix Tri-Active Spray Anti-Blemish

Biretix Tri-Active Spray Anti-Blemish is a spray designed for people suffering from back and chest acne. This product contains the RetinSphere technology that encapsulates retinol in order to reduce side effects associated with that ingredient and to allow for a controlled release overnight. This spray has optimum balance of cutting edge technologies: a unique combination of vitamin A ingredients help to clear pores and clarify the skin; a sophisticated botanical complex that’s clinically proven to fight the bacteria that cause spots and Salicylic acid; clinically proven to purify skin and help to reduce redness. The package is designed to be used in any direction to enable self-application.


Biretix Tri-Active Spray Anti-Blemish has the following characteristics:

RetinSphere technology to treat acne due to the ability to reduce follicular obstruction, normalize the desquamation of the epiderm and maintain normal skin hydration
BioPep 15 has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to fight the bacteria that cause acne without inducing resistance
Helps reduce comedones (white and blackheads)
Sebum-regulating effect and immediate purifying action
Suitable for back and chest acne
Reduces redness and soothes the skin
It contains 2,0% salicylic acid

How to use

Spray Biretix Tri-Active Spray Anti-Blemish in affected areas once or twice per day. The package can be used in any direction, even upside down.