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AiryDay Night Rain Sleep Mask 75ml

TLC for Thirsty + Tired Skin.

Take your Airyday routine to the next level, by caring for your skin after hours with our pillow-proof formula. This beauty is perfect to sneak in that quick self-care moment after a long day of wearing SPF, or simply because you're doing life in general. 

  • Overnight or rinse off mask
  • Ideal for tired, thirsty & dull skin 
  • Gives a super 72 hour hydration boost 
  • Anti-ageing & plumps skin with goodness for the day ahead
  • Vegan friendly, cruelty free and free of parabens
  • Formulated and made in Australia


  • Apply an even layer onto skin cleansed skin
  • Keep it slightly translucent aka don't cake it!
  • Allow mask to melt into the skin
  • Hit the hay, and get ready to wake up with baby-smooth, hydrated skin


  • Apply a generous and even layer onto freshly cleansed skin
  • Leave for 30 minutes for maximum hydration
  • Remove with a damp, warm cloth & enjoy the hydration


  • This gem is ideal for nightly use, especially if your skin loves a good drink
  • It's multi-functional formula can be used in many ways! A spot treatment for under tired eyes or even apply to your neck, shoulders, décolleté or hands if those areas are feeling dry
  • Want to super-boost it? Simply add a serum underneath to target any secondary concerns

PS. Don't forget to SPF All Day, Airyday!