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The Remedy to Dry Hands in COVID Times

Posted on June 26 2020


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It's no surprise that due to the more-frequent-than-usual hand washing and use of sanitiser in the time of Coronavirus, the skin of our hands has been compromised. 

When treating hands that are feeling dry, dehydrated and cracked due to the cooler weather and excessive hand-washing/sanitising our Medical Director, Dr Kath Reynolds suggests the below points;

1. Hand sanitiser is a better choice than soap & water when it comes to dry hands, but soap & water is more effective in warding off potential pathogens and viral infection control.
A good middle ground is a hand wash that contains moisturising ingredients such as shea butter or essential oils.

2. After washing, a good hand barrier cream is necessary. Applied after each washing or sanitising, this product will nourish and replenish the natural oils and moisture to the skin, while providing a shield from any environmental factors.
You will be able to find a good barrier cream at your local chemist of supermarket.

3. An oral supplement that will help with dry & damaged hands is Vitamin B3. We are big advocates for Vitamin B3 (also known as Niacinamide) for the regenerative and healing properties it provides the skin. Both applied topically and orally, Vitamin B is necessary to aid skin in winter.

If you're experiencing more severe skin issues to the hands such as dermatitis and eczema please book a consultation with Kath who is able to prescribe topical ointments to speed up recovery.

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