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Fashion Editor and Celebrity Stylist Deni Todorovic, & their Cosmetic Injectables Journey

Posted on July 22 2020

Local Geelong Editor and Stylist Deni Todorovic and their First Foray into Cosmetic Injectables. 

A few weeks ago local Geelong Stylist/Fashionista @stylebydeni came in for their very first cosmetic injectable experience.⁠

In their early 30's, Deni has only very small signs of ageing with areas of concern being the forehead and crows feet.⁠

Their experience began with a detailed and thorough chat with our resident Director of Injectables, Chelsea. Chels spoke about different approaches to treating these areas and how the process works.⁠

Deni, hesitant at first, was surprised at how quick, easy and safe the process was.⁠ More to their journey below...
"I had always been a little bit nervous (read: scared) about Botox. My earliest memories around hearing about injectables, was always a whisper from a friend or someone admitting to having it after a few wines. It would go on to sit in my mind as something people considered a dirty little secret. However, over the years, I've seen first hand the 'veil lift' when it comes to Botox. Especially with the exposure I had to the beauty world during my time at Cosmo. I saw it go from something that was whispered about for fear of being judged, to something that's discussed as casually as a hair cut over a soy latte. The way I see it, our bodies/faces are our own and therefore we have the freedom to do with them whatever we please. So with that in mind, I've thought about getting a little 'tox for about 6 months now. I've always loved the lines of age and character in my parents faces and also in my own, as the years have gone on. However in the last 9 months especially, I've seen just how wonderfully fresh and natural, the result can be and so my interest begun. 
When I began working with Luminosity Skin Clinic, the best in town for a reason - my criteria was less is more, fresh and fabulous. I wanted to still be, look and feel expressive. Its a huge part of who I am and I actually love some of my frown lines, especially the ones between my brows. The ones above however and around the corners of my eyes, I was eager to have smoothed out. So in the wonderful hands of the master that is Chelsea, my Botox journey  begun. 
3 and a half weeks since my first appointment, my face continues to look fresher as each day goes on. Chelsea was very conservative with our first appointment and the amount administered into my forehead especially. The ‘crows feet’ around my eyes are now completely non-existent, in their place is fresh smooth, wrinkle free skin. On my second check up appointment, Chelsea and I both agreed we could do with a little more up top, so I’m really looking forward to see how those results unfold over the next week. 
The whole experience was made so effortless, safe, comfortable and really quite wonderful. I’m excited to continue this journey with Chelsea & the Luminosity team."
- Deni Todorovic
To book an appointment, even if it's just a conversation, with our expert injectables nurses, please head to our online booking portal.

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