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The Men's Skin Division

The Men's Skin Division

At Luminosity we are passionate about skin. Just like taking your skin to the gym, our expert Skin Technicians use a combination of professional  treatments and results-driven homecare to help you achieve your skin goals.

With our state-of-the-art technology, experienced therapists and an in-depth skin analysis offering practical advice on how to continually improve your skin and maximise the outcome of your Men's skin treatment.

Skin Journey Consultation – Free

Before deciding on a treatment plan for your skin, Luminosity Skin offer a free of charge Skin Journey Consultation. In this session one of our skin experts will help you have a perfect start to your skin journey, offering practical advice on how to treat and improve the condition of your skin inside and out! This consultation is uniquely catered to the needs of your skin.

Buff and Polish for Men - $65

This is a technique of exfoliation to the skin. Utilising machinery to efficiently remove dead skin cells re-leaving your skin from its tired and sluggish ways. Microdermabrasion helps to visibly refresh and revitalise. A perfect lunch time - no downtime skin treatment

Deep Clean Micro and Mask for Men - $95

This is a more advanced technique of exfoliation to the skin. Whether your skin is tired and sluggish from the stresses of daily life or suffering from the elements of the weather, microdermabrasion helps to visibly refresh and revitalise. Utilising Diamond Head microdermabrasion to remove the congested cells from the surface of the skin, and then applying a Revive mask helping to make way for a fresh and smooth new skin to shine through.

Restorative Facial for Men - $110

This combination of Microdermabrasion, Light Peel and Traditional Men's facial will completely remodel the surface of your skin. Whether it be to combat dry skin, reduce the signs of ageing, as a quick pick-me-up or a course of treatments for long term, drastic results, this treatment is guaranteed to have you seeing dramatic improvements in your skin all round!

Skin Repair Peel for Men - $130

Our Deep Peel/ Microdermabrasion combination enhance the effect of topical skin medications and skincare. They improve skin tone and texture while making the skin soft and supple with a resurfaced glow. For the best results a series of peels weekly for 4 weeks is recommended. Sunscreen every day of the year is essential to maintain results of all skin rejuvenating treatments.

Medical Grade Peels can treat clogging and congested acne skins, and sun damage as well as general resurfacing of the skin.


Luminosity Skin offer a wide range of anti-wrinkle injectable treatments to cater for the needs of a busy man. Book in for a consult or ring us for an appointment.

Service the SKIN with Microneedling  $199

Needle Therapy [NT] is a medical grade treatment offering an unrivalled level of skin rejuvenation. With its microscopic piercing of the skin with ultra-fine stainless steel needles, NT stimulates a wound-like response from the skin restoring the skin’s natural regeneration process, helping to soften scar tissue and allowing for the deeper absorption of vitamin-rich serums and treatments. Whilst a consultation is compulsory before booking, NT is the ultimate treatment for severe acne scarring, skin thickening and tightening.
Best results are seen over a course of treatments. 

Deluxamen Medical Facial            $230

The new generation of laser facials combine various modalities such as microdermabrasion and ND YAG laser in a single treatment to enhance safety as well as efficacy. With the perfect combination of treatment v's pampering the Deluxamen Facial is a must have experience.

Deluxamen Facial treatment is for overall skin tone improvement, strengthening of capillaries vessels, promotes collagen resulting in finer skin texture and smaller pores. The inclusive of NDYAG laser results in 6-8 week post treatment results with the main focus on Vitamin A Infusion combined with active Beta-glucan, Nicinamide and R-Lipoic Acid. These ingredients achieve results. Relax and enjoy with facial massage and herbal mask infusion.

We recommend you combine your Deluxamen Facial with at home Clinical Vitamin A Repair to maximise results.

A Men's Facial or Skin Treatment is recommended every 8 weeks, and as a rejuvenating treatment post Laser Rejuvenation Skin treatments.

Call us today on 52217676  or contact us via email to find out more.  Or book your appointment online.

A $50 consultation fee applies for all appointments at Luminosity Skin Clinic. This booking fee is rebatable on all products and services.