Luxe Medi Facial

Medical Grade Facial Treatment, Geelong

The new generation of laser facials combine various modalities such as microdermabrasion and ND YAG laser in a single treatment to enhance safety as well as efficacy. With the perfect combination of treatment v's pampering the Luxe Medi Facial is a must have experience.

Luxe Medi Facial treatment is for overall skin tone improvement, strengthening of capillaries vessels, promotes collagen resulting in finer skin texture and smaller pores. The inclusive of NDYAG laser results in 6-8 week post treatment results with the main focus on Vitamin A Infusion combined with active Beta-glucan, Nicinamide and R-Lipoic Acid. These ingredients achieve results. Relax and enjoy with facial massage and herbal mask infusion.

We recommend you combine your Luxe Medi Facial with at home Clinical Vitamin A Repair to maximise results.

Luxe Medi Facial is recommended every 8 weeks, and as a rejuvenating treatment post Laser Rejuvenation Skin treatments.

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