Celebrate Father's Day with LuminositySKIN

Father’s Day is our time to pay tribute to the men in our lives who help to form us as individuals. It’s time to repay the favor, skip the tie and get your father something he can use: 

We encourage you all to take some time to talk to your dad (or husband or any special man in your life) about his skin and to remind him that taking care of his skin is essential for optimal health and wellness.  We have decided to put together some tips for you to pass on to your dad to help him achieve a flawless complexion. We have also launched our 3 most popular skin treatments from our "Men's Skin Division" with a little twist to help spoil that "someone special"
All too often, we come across men who have irritated skin and ingrown hairs on their face.  Shaving daily, especially with a cheap or dull razor, without properly prepping your skin can leave redness and irritation.  We recommend exfoliating prior to shaving to help prepare the skin’s surface.
Use Sunscreen Daily
If your dad is really stubborn and does not want to follow a multi-step skincare ritual, at the very least he should be applying sunscreen daily.  After the age of 50, significantly more men develop melanoma than women.  Therefore, it is imperative that men are diligent about their sunscreen application. They also should be encouraged to have a regular SKIN and MOLE MAP appointment with a qualified expert (this means everyone from the office worker, to the bricklayer and the retired golf player) everyone over the age of 40 should be having a regular annual skin check at a Skin Cancer Clinic!
Encourage him to have a Skin Health Treatment
with one of 3 of our most popular skin treatments for MEN


a 60 min tailored treatment of the skin. No downtime __ An HOUR OF POWER for your skin including a Microdermabrasion, Hydrating focus with shoulder and neck massage included
$120.00 this includes a complimentary DeluxaSkin MEN's Skin Care Kit 


a 30 min tailored treatment to address health of the skin. No downtime __ leave feeling fresh. A treatment designed for tradies, professional men on a lunch break. All who are interested in an effective skin treatment without all the bells and whistles
$65.00 this includes a complimentary DeluxaSkin MEN's Skin Care Kit 


a 45 min tailored treatment to address fine lines, pore size and health of the skin. No downtime __ a favourite amongst our MEN who service their skin
$199 this includes a complimentary DeluxaSkin MEN's Skin Care Kit 
Contact us below to organise an appointment or to purchase a voucher for any of the treatments listed above. Alternatively you can purchase a $ amount voucher with the following link to present to your DAD for Father's Day