Acne & OIly Prone Skin Care Products


In acne, the opening of the pilosebaceous follicle becomes blocked with the build-up of dead cells, so sebum accumulates inside, forming comedones, or primary acne lesions.

The environment created inside the blocked follicle fosters the growth of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), the bacteria that lives on the healthy skin but due to specific causes it can quickly proliferate giving rise to the onset of the inflammation, redness and lesions characteristic of acne.

Main factors causing acne-prone skin conditions:

  •  Build-up of dead cells blocking the hair follicle
  •  Excess sebum production
  •  Excess proliferation of P.acnes bacteria
  •  Inflammation

Using skin care products that help to alleviate these symptoms such as  Biretix offers an extensive range for the comprehensive care of acne-prone skin, with specifically-formulated products depending on the type and location of the acne.

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