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Vitamin B3

Posted on June 22 2018


Vitamin B3 is one of the essential skin care vitamins in dermatology. Australian research has shown Vitamin B3 is an important weapon against skin cancer and ageing by boosting the skin's immunity. B3 also increases the skins hydration, therefore enhancing the barrier function and reducing sensitivity. Additionally, niacinamide, a powerful anti-inflammatory, helps to reduce redness and fade pigmentation, evening out the skin tone. 

Dr Natasha Cook's Concentrated Illuminator contains 10% Niacinamide as well as 10% Vitamin C, a powerful anti oxidant to fight free radicals. This dynamic duo of ingredients effectively lighten, brighten, protect and rebuild the skin.

To find out how to incorporate Niacinamide into your daily routine, call the clinic on 52217676 to book a consultation with one of our expert skin technicians or book online.

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