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Anti-Aging Tips Geelong

Anti-Aging Tips Geelong

Reduce Sun Damage.... #skinbykarenstrachan™

Best ways to repair sun-damage?

  • Sunscreen - Start using a good quality broad spectrum sunscreen every day to allow the skin to start repairing itself..it prevents pigmentation, burst capillaries and uneven skin tone, it will prevent large pores and saggy skin by preventing the breakdown of collagen from sun exposure. .Our favourite at Luminosity is Actinica SPF 50+. It has a lovely matt finish which sits under foundation really well.
  • Frac 3 Laser Therapy - safe for all skin types and is clinically proven to stimulate collagen, promote healing and hydration and gives the skin an incredible lustre without downtime.
  • Eye Serum -  I believe we should start with an eye cream as early as 20. The skin around the eyes is much finer and has less oil glands so we need a specific eye treatment to keep this skin supple and moist so as to prevent fine lines and crepiness, Lumi's am pm eye serum is the ideal product for this.
  • Exfoliate the skin - How often should you exfoliate your skin? It really depends on your skin type and specific conditions. I would say usually two to three times per week with an Dr Natasha Cook Clarifier and also recommend using the exfoliating Lumi cleanser twice daily as well. This cleanser has an AHA such as lactic acid to chemically exfoliate the skin and promote hydration. 
  • Anti-oxidant serum - Lumi CoQ10 - layered under your sunscreen during the day. Use a Retinol / Vitamin A serum at night to stimulate collagen production and refine the texture of your skin. 

 Skin Care for Anti Aging

Taking the Sting out of  Anti-aging

Taking the Sting out of Anti-aging

Buying skincare and cosmetic products can be a difficult task for women. Supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores are flooded with products, while the likes of some of our hot Aussie women, Nicole Kidman, Megan Gale, Elle McPherson drive glitzy advertising campaigns selling the latest and the greatest, with little results.

Fortunately one local woman has honed in on one product that has simplified and revolutionised the skin care industry, leaving its competitors wading through old technology and ineffective skin care regimes.

Interesting stats regarding skincare:

  • Roy Morgan research said that 65% of women want a product that works without having a surgical procedure.
  •  Recent research suggest that most women don't know what's in their skin care.
  • Out of a 6 Billion dollar industry most products are ineffective in stopping the anti-aging process.
  • American Plastic Surgeons said human stem cell is the future of anti-aging industry.

Our expert in skin here at Luminosity, Karen Strachan, believes that although there has been a lot of stigma that goes with human stem cell technology, it is something that is a natural anti-aging system that lies within all of us, and that most busy women whether famous or not want an effective, easy, and simplified skin regime that has no downtime.

 "The idea behind stem cell technology in skin care is that by applying them topically, we stimulate the growth of more stem cells. And because they can regenerate, they'll keep our skin looking youthful and healthy. Most stem cells used in beauty products are derived from plants but Lumi's Stem Factor is derived from a human stem cell." She says..."We are humans not plants, therefore it makes no sense using a plant cell, but more sense in using a human stem cell for anti-aging, this is cutting edge technology!"

For more information on Lumi's StemCell skin care or if you would like to book a free skin consult call 52217676.




Sometimes theres no going back!



If you could safely, easily and inexpensively turn back the hands of time, would you do it? Well, one of the hottest new aesthetic procedures on the market is the Frac 3™ "Lunchtime Facelift" treatment and turning back Father Time is precisely what it does. Safely. Easily. Inexpensively. This cutting edge procedure is laser face and neck lift technology at it’s finest; a minimally invasive solution to aging that is as smooth and streamlined as a sleek, black Aston Martin.

Advanced laser technology is more powerful than ever, and has the capability to nip and tuck, no sutures required, no scars to bear. Wow! How far has it come? The magic of this procedure is that it tightens and lifts the lower face, smooths wrinkles and restores the youthful curve to the neck. Your sleek, smooth jawline is tightened, with improvement of the wrinkles and fine lines. An added benefit is that Frac3™ will continue to lift and tighten skin, long after the procedure is over by stimulating the ongoing formation of collagen. Of course combing good skin care and healthy lifestyle will bring better result in the long run. A series of treatments is required to achieve the best results

A year from now you wish you started today! Book now to start turning back time! call 52217676 or book online.

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