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Winter Skin Prep

Winter Skin Prep

Is your skincare ready for winter?

Sadly winter is almost here with the days becoming shorter and the air getting cooler. Constantly being exposed to cold air outdoors then warm air indoors throws out bodys balancing system into overdrive, as it demands more energy to reach a state of equilibrium. As the humidity levels drop, our skin becomes dry, itchy & scaly from moisture loss. When our skin becomes dry & itchy sensitisation occurs. Its time to adjust your skincare routine to stand up to the elements.

Products containing high anti oxidant activity, such as the Lumi CoQ10 oil, Biopelle Retinol or Dr Natasha Cook illuminator, will boost the skin's immunity and assist with barrier function, improving the skins hydration and promoting new cell growth giving you a glowing complexion!

If your not great at keeping on track with your routine at home, then come into the clinic for monthly facials that will not only slough away the dead skin cells but also improving the hydration levels and skin texture.

Not sure what products are right for you, then call the clinic to book in for a consultation with one of our skin experts 5221 7676 or book online



Carbon Laser Peel

Carbon Laser Peel

Ever wondered how celebrities get their amazing skin??

Look no further than the Hollywood Peel AKA China Doll facial rejuvenation peel. This facial has little to no downtime and gives your skin immediate radiance just after one treatment, although full results are noticed three days later!

This facial entails applying a fine layer of medical grade carbon onto the skin. The carbon absorbs into each pore and adheres to dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. Laser is then used to vaporise the carbon leaving behind a softer, clearer complexion,as built up dead skin and blackheads have been removed and pores refined. Although anyone can have this treatment, especially before a special event, it is ideally suited to a congested skin type.

To book in for the Carbon Laser Peel, call the clinic 5221 7676 or book online


End of Summer Skin in need of a boost?

End of Summer Skin in need of a boost?

Lactic Acid Superficial Chemical Peel

Is your skin feeling as dull as your mood? Has prolonged sun exposure made noticeable changes in the look and feel of your skin?  The change in the season highlights defined issues, such as, dark patches, dryness, roughness, dullness, congestion and more noticeable lines and wrinkles. The good news is we are here to help, with a little maintenance we can have you looking back to your best self.

Lactic acid peels are a mild exfoliating treatment suitable for everyone, including sensitive skins.The gentle exfoliation of the outermost layer of skin will allow for new fresh skin to come through improving the look and feel of your skin as well as  enhancing hydration levels and penetration of your skincare.

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