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Summer Skin Care - tips and treats - #skinbykarenstrachan

Posted on January 16 2017

Even if you’re a hide-from-the-sun, dedicated to sunscreen member of society, no one can bypass the effects that summer and the holiday season brings to your skin . Maybe it’s the humidity in the air, maybe it’s that after celebrations dehydrated feeling, or maybe it’s all the (no-longer-cooped-up-inside the office) fresh air. Whatever it is, there are some great ways to tackle summer skin!

Sunscreen – Yes we have heard it all before and yes Sun exposure is the biggest aging factor we have with its sister smoking coming a close second. The sun produces two types of harmful ultraviolet rays – UVA and UVB. UVA rays penetrate deep into our skin’s thickest layers which can lead to premature ageing and long-term damaging effects like wrinkling and reduce immune system functioning. UVB rays are responsible for sunburn as they penetrate the superficial layers of our skin. Although less harmful than UVA, prolonged exposure causes permanent damage over time.   

If you get sunburnt what should you do?

"It's all about getting the inflammation down as soon as possible to curb damage in the skin and to calm redness," says Karen "I soak a facecloth in a bowl of skim milk and ice and apply it to the area for five to ten minutes. I also take aspirin or ibuprofen and a low dose cortisone cream."

So make sure you slap on the sunscreen before you walk out the door. Actinica 50 + is what we recommend at Luminosity as is tackles both UVA and UVB rays and has a matt finish so its great for under your makeup it also helps prevents pigmentation, broken capillaries and uneven skin tone, it will help prevent large pores and by preventing the breakdown of collagen from sun exposure.

  • Frac 3 Laser Therapy – aka “The Lunch Time Face Lift” is a quick, no downtime and safe for all skin types procedure. This laser therapy is clinically proven to stimulate collagen, promote healing and hydration and gives the skin an incredible lustre without downtime. We recommend this at Luminosity for those who feel their skin is feeling a little dull and needs a boost. Great for a special event or just ongoing maintenance for your skin.
  • Eye Serum - They say “The eyes are the window to your soul”, but they are also the first thing people look at when they are talking to you. I believe we should start with an eye cream as early as 20. The skin around the eyes is much finer and has less oil glands so we need a specific eye treatment to keep this skin supple and moist so as to prevent fine lines and crepiness, Lumi's am pm eye serum is the ideal product for this.
  • Exfoliate the skin - How often should you exfoliate your skin? It really depends on your skin type and specific conditions. I would say usually two to three times per week with an Dr Natasha Cook Clarifier and also recommend using the exfoliating Lumi Cleanser twice daily as well. This cleanser has an AHA such as lactic acid to chemically exfoliate the skin and promote hydration.  If you haven’t been down this track before, sometimes a great “kick start” is our Luxe Medi Facial which treats fatigued skin around the eyes, face, neck and décolletage. A two part deep pore cleansing process to clean clogged pores with microdermabrasion then a FRAC3 light laser treatment to stimulate collagen, promote healing and hydration and gives the skin lustre without downtime. This medical facial is then performed by infusing hyaluronic acids, vitamins, and anti-oxidants to the deeper layers of the skin in order to hydrate and promote restoration of damaged skin. This treatment restores suppleness, and leaves your skin looking young and radiant. Highly recommended by all who have had this treatment. Totally a winner!
  • Anti-oxidant serum - CoQ10 and Vitamin A serum.With the skincare industry constantly evolving and the in-office procedures and anti-aging ingredients everyone was buzzing about only a few years ago being far more advanced we at Luminosity believe in keeping up with the latest developing skincare in order to bring you the best results. The skincare world and Luminosity are harnessing the anti-aging benefits of Lumi Coenzyme Q10(CoQ10), an important catalyst in the body, which activates the metabolism of oxygen in the cells production in the skin, decreases noticeably from the age of 30, becoming more delicate and sensitive in the process. We also recommend you to use a Start using a low irritant/highly active Vitamin A. If you want to curb the sun’s effects on your skin as well as helping you reduce pore size and oil control start using Vitamin A. Both prescription retinoid and over-the-counter retinols have powerful anti-aging properties, but can also make your skin prone to pigmentation and sensitivity when over used. We recommend a more serious approach to skincare using a clinical Vitamin A (Lumi Vitamin A Repair) specially created to ensure it travels deep into the skin to boost collagen and avoids the above side effects. Once you’ve successfully implemented Vitamin A into your routine, you’ll love how smooth and radiant your skin looks. It can even help out with adult acne and scarring! Safe and effective all year round. Recommended to use at night to stimulate collagen production and refine the texture of your skin. 

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