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Spring Carnival Skin at Luminosity Skin Geelong

Posted on September 17 2019

Get Track Ready Skin this Spring

Ladies, it’s less than 7 weeks until the Melbourne Cup Carnival! Time to start preparing by getting your skin and beauty regime sorted.

We all want glowing skin when we hit the track, so now’s the time to really focus on our skin. In addition to drinking plenty of water everyday (1-2 litres is ideal), reassess your skincare routine and make sure your skin is being well cleansed every night and protected with a good moisturiser and sunscreen everyday. If you really want to give you skin a boost, invest in a clarifying serum or Vitamin A serum that you can use before your moisturiser every night and don’t forget eye cream too.

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What Treatments Should you have for Spring Carnival Skin?

At Luminosity our dermal therapists consider all treatments should be customised, however one of the girls favourite treatments is FRAC3, an effective treatment that auto-fractionates beneath the epidermis to the imperfections presented in the skin during the delivery of the laser light. The use of this new technology allows for customized treatments in the skin to target and treat larger areas while minimizing the photothermal delivery to the adjacent tissues from the treatment.

FRAC3 non ablative laser treatment that can treat larger areas with a quicker recovery time than any other fractional laser treatments available.

FRAC3 skin remodeling procedures do not require any downtime, and most people resume their normal activities immediately after their session

In summary:

FRAC3 is a divine treatment that helps increase volume, hydrate the skin and work below the surface to increase collagen all with no downtime (which is what we love) leaving you with a happy, glowing skin.

The perfect treatment for a special occasion.

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