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Spring Carnival Season at Luminosity Skin

Spring Carnival Season at Luminosity Skin

A Day on the Track

Ladies, it’s less than 7 weeks until the Melbourne Cup Carnival! Time to start preparing by getting your skin and beauty regime sorted.

We all want glowing skin when we hit the track, so now’s the time to really focus on our skin. In addition to drinking plenty of water everyday (1-2 litres is ideal), reassess your skincare routine and make sure your skin is being well cleansed every night and protected with a good moisturiser and sunscreen everyday. If you really want to give you skin a boost, invest in a clarifying serum or Vitamin A serum that you can use before your moisturiser every night and don’t forget eye cream too.

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2. Legs Eleven
Your legs are most likely to be on show at the races (unless you’re bucking tradition and wearing pants, in which case, good for you!) so make sure they’re looking silky smooth by prepping early. Commit to twice weekly exfoliation of your skin with a gentle body exfoliant in the shower and moisturise your body both morning and night.

3. To Tan or Not To Tan
Unless you’ve just come home from a sun-drenched European holiday with a killer tan, then you’re most likely going to be fake tanning for your day out at the races. In order to avoid a tan disaster on the day, now’s the time to go into tan trial mode. From sprays and mousses to developing lotions and instant colour creams, there really is a tanning product out there for everyone – the trick is finding what’s right for you and nailing the application process. We recommend strictly following directions and wearing gloves or using a mitt.

4. Make Me Up
Long lasting daywear makeup is one of the hardest looks to master, so like tanning, get to trialling your beauty look early. Foundation application is paramount so be sure to use a good primer and set foundation with a lightweight powder to make sure it doesn’t shift throughout the day. Choose eye colours carefully and remember your Saturday night ‘out with the girls’ beauty look isn’t necessarily right for the races. Think more matte tones and don’t be tempted to go overboard with shimmers and glitters. If you’d prefer that a professional work their makeup magic on you, then don’t forget to book your appointment now, as these spaces will book up quickly!

5. Nail It
Beautifully manicured nails (both fingers and toes) are a non-negotiable when you’re heading to the track, so start maintaining your nails now with a quick buff, shape, cut and polish at home every week. Treat yourself to a full mani-pedi a few days before the races to ensure your twinkle toes are perfectly polished in a colour that matches your outfit just as perfectly. If you do plan on getting false nails, be sure to keep the length manageable – remember you’ll need to attach a headpiece each morning!