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Skin Care Geelong || The must have for Brides.

Skin Care Geelong || The must have for Brides.

Good Skin - The must have for Geelong Brides

On the scale of important life events, a wedding rates the highest in the ‘must have good skin’ stakes. Between flawless make-up application, photographs to last a lifetime and lots of up-close congratulations from friends and relatives, a porcelain complexion is high on most brides’ must-have lists. 

From plucking eyebrows to bikini waxing, from teeth whitening to self-tanning, experts say your wedding day is the time to splurge -- but not the day before you say, "I do."

If getting the perfect look on your most important day, is one of your top priorities and you struggle with skin health, you really need to start now! Our biggest advice to brides is "Get in Early" - sometimes skin issues take time. Nothing is more beautiful than the natural glow of happiness that becomes every bride, but to help that glow along, experts at Luminosity Skin say schedule a series of microdermabrasion's beginning as early as six months before your wedding is a great idea.

All our treatments begin with a detailed consultation with one of our dermal therapists who walks you through your skin goals and explains the different skin therapies that will help you look great.

Our consults are free so call 52217676 in today and we will help you look your best for your big day!