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Post Summer Skin - Luminosity Skin Skin Health

Posted on March 17 2017

The lazy days of summer can leave us with more than a few beauty woes come Autumn.

Pigmentation and Acne are the two most prominent skin issues women face at the end of the summer. Below we explain how you can erase these signs of summer and more with the help of specialised products, prescription creams and in-clinic treatments. Follow this advice and you'll say hello to Autumn with gorgeous, glowing skin.

Concern: Frolicking in the sun with or without SPF can lead to hyperpigmentation in the form of sunspots and freckles.

The Fix: Although there are over-the-counter products that can be used, the most effective treatment is in-clinic skin treatments. NDYAG laser helps shatter pigment and address the core pigmentation concern. Followed closely with prescription agents if necessary and maintained with clinical skincare such as Stem Factor or Vitamin A to help rejuvenate and maintain skin health

Concern: Sweating aggravates acne … the combination of creams and cosmetics plus sweats leads to pimples on the face and body. Increased sebaceous activity can cause an imbalance on the skins surface resulting in congestion and blackhead buildup.

The Fix: Treating mild to moderate breakout with Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peels - these two treatments will refresh the skin and address the targeted breakout to clear and encourage healing. When treating Acne our protocol involves a two step approach - Treatment to reduce the sebaceous activity, heal and strengthen the skin whilst homecare solutions are provided to ensure control of the oil produced daily.

All skincare treatments include a comprehensive Skin Consultation where you can discuss with your expert skin technician your designed skin health plan.

To book an appointment visit our website and view our booking page for further online booking options for Summer Skin Consultations. 


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