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Mens Skin Care Geelong || Launching Deluxaskin Men

Posted on August 22 2016

This last fortnight has been so busy. We have been working with some awesome clients, training new staff, as well as getting Deluxaskin Men released onto the market, because  life needed more stress right? LOL... Needless to say, we have some amazing things going on, and as the old adage goes, if your not going forward you're going backwards.....

So importantly we wanted to share 2 pieces of information you might want to check out.. Like Now!

The first is DELUXASKIN MEN. This has been developing for over the past 18 months and we believe this range again like the Lumi Skin Care range is cutting edge... Designed with the help from Men for Men, this range will help you keep the hydrated youthful look as well as building up the skin structure and help repair damaged skin. This is a great pressie for your man or yourself (if your a guy). Secondly as a release offer you can go into the draw to WIN a YEARS SUPPLY of Deluxaskin Mens Skin Care (CLICK HERE TO ENTER).

We know this product is a real hit, it was an exciting product to develop as well seeing it in action. In the meantime, jump online and have a look, you can join a subscription, which means you or your man will receive their skincare in the mail every month or you can buy from us at a very reasonable price of $90 for 4 products. We are working on getting some great new things going, this is just the beginning of rocking the skin care world as we know it...stay tuned...

PSSSSS - We are also looking for wholesalers for Deluxaskin Men - so if your interested please email xx

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