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Luminosity Geelong's answer to Luminous Skin

Posted on May 26 2017

Get Luminous Skin whilst you Sleep

The secret is out.... let your body and skin rejuvenate overnight and wake up luminous and fresh with fast dissolving B3 (Niacinamide).

Dr. Kath Reynolds (BMedSci,MBBS, FRACGP, MPH & Trop, Med) lists 3 good reasons why most of Australia and certainly those over 40 should consider taking it:

1. Prevents 23% of non melanoma skin cancers (which is 30% of SCC's, 20% BCCs) over next 12 months whilst taking

2. Prevents 20% of precancers (solar/ actinic keratosis) over 12 months, and get rid of many current pre-cancers

3. Smoothes all skin, not just where topical B3 is placed (as with serums), and is far more powerful than niacinamide serums. B3 will moisturise entire skin and has a huge impact of Winter Urticaria (itch) which is very common with dry skin on our harsh winter climate.

Niacinamide can also be used to help treat Acne based skins conditions to help with control of sebum production and repair of inflammation and scarring.

Launching on Monday 29th May Luminosity Skin will now stock B3 tablets. A simple remedy to help achieve Luminous Skin. Buy online or book a consultation to discuss B3 and your skin health with Dr. Kath or our Skin Technicians


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