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Fight the Signs of Ageing, Acne & Sun Damage with our Secret Formula!

Posted on July 09 2018

 Vitamin A Regenerating Serum
The secret to more beautiful skin is Retinol. Retinol in its most powerful and natural form is Vitamin A. Retinols, also known as retinoids, are potent, active derivatives of vitamin A, a fundamental building block of healthy skin. The primary effect of retinoids and Vitamin A is increased skin cell turnover. Our skin cells are constantly multiplying and sloughing off, but when retinoids are introduced to the skin, aged and damaged cells are eliminated and replaced with healthy cells more rapidly. In acne patients, this helps prevent pores from clogging, which is the first step of the acne cycle. Furthermore, retinoids stimulates new collagen & elastin formation that results in increased firmness and smoothness, alongside reducing the cells that produce unwanted pigment.
Retinoids can also play a role in preparing the skin for treatments, such as Dermapen, Laser and Chemical peels. Not only can it help get the skin in its healthiest state, it also increases the rate at which skin heals and reduce the risk of pigment changes after such procedures.
Our Biopelle Retriderm Vitamin A serum is a unique patented formula delivering the highest concentration of retinoids without a prescription, combined with essential proteins in an oil-free suspension to allow for maximum absorption. 
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