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Carbon Laser Peel

Posted on April 09 2018

Ever wondered how celebrities get their amazing skin??

Look no further than the Hollywood Peel AKA China Doll facial rejuvenation peel. This facial has little to no downtime and gives your skin immediate radiance just after one treatment, although full results are noticed three days later!

This facial entails applying a fine layer of medical grade carbon onto the skin. The carbon absorbs into each pore and adheres to dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. Laser is then used to vaporise the carbon leaving behind a softer, clearer complexion,as built up dead skin and blackheads have been removed and pores refined. Although anyone can have this treatment, especially before a special event, it is ideally suited to a congested skin type.

To book in for the Carbon Laser Peel, call the clinic 5221 7676 or book online


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