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Benefits of Vitamin A for your skin

Posted on February 02 2018

Reinforce, Restore & Maintain

The primary effects of retinoids otherwise known as Vitamin A are increased skin cell turnover.

Our skin cells are constantly multiplying and shedding off, but when retinoids are introduced to the skin, damaged cells are eliminated and replaced with healthy cells more quickly. In acne patients, this helps prevent pores from getting clogged, which is the first step of the acne cycle.

Secondarily, retinoids prompt the formation of new collagen in the upper levels of the skin that result in increased firmness and smoothness and also reduce the sctivity of melanocytes, the cells that produce unwanted pigment in our skin.

Retinoid can also play a role in preparing the skin for more aggressive treatments and procedures, including laser resurfacing, deeper chemical peels, skin needling and even surgery. Not only can it help get the skin in its healthiest state, it also increases the rate at which skin heals and reduce the risk of pigment changes after such procedures.

Our Vitamin A Level 2 with advanced technologies and patented ingredients helps target ageing, thickening the dermis structure. With a combined focus on external and internal wellness you can achieve amazing results with Vitamin A. This product creates permanent results by treating the source of skin conditions for true age reversal.

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