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Mens Skin Geelong

Mens Skin Geelong

Men It's Your Turn!

Forget the old gender rules: Skin care and Skin treatments aren't just for women.

It may seem obvious but men's skin composition differs significantly from that of women and must be treated accordingly.

Stronger hormones have a very pronounced effect. Men produce increased levels of oil and have larger sweat glands, thickening and strengthening our skin but making it more difficult to effectively deliver oxygen and hydration to our skin’s deepest layers.

Without looking after, men's skin becomes more susceptible to clogging and imperfections, is easily irritated, ages more noticeably and is further weakened by shaving.

So whats the answer????

Luminosity Skin -  Men's Division - has been created as an effective solution for men interested in treating their skin and looking refreshed. Born from the simple idea that men's skin should be 'a routine not a regime', we've strived to develop a range of treatments and products that suit men of every age. These effective treatments will leave men feeling a million dollars!

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