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Partnering for Success

Posted on March 17 2016

Its not often that you meet someone who clicks with your business, but recently we have discovered a hidden gem, someone who "gets" the skin thing as well as the health side of things. Hannah Buttigieg  and her business "Food Intelligence" is someone here at Luminosity that we think you need to get a hold of and add to your life. We believe that we are just one aspect to you having great skin and a lot of what your skin tells us is generally what's going on inside your head and your stomach. I think you find her an amazing asset! I'll let her do the talking....

Hannah's story:

Like many women I have had a love-hate relationship with my body over the years. On reflection, this love-hate relationship really came down to the food I was consuming which mirrored how I felt about myself and also how I viewed myself.

 Working in a super stressful environment as a drug and alcohol counsellor only drove this love-hate relationship deeper. At work I would barely have time to eat and if I did eat and hadn’t prepared food for work or was on a home visit I would have to eat whatever I could find at the nearest shop. Obviously healthful options were not readily available. When I would get home from work I would be so emotionally drained I would not have energy to cook a nutritious dinner meaning I would often not eat at all or snack on whatever I could find in the cupboard.

It was after two major incidents at work that my mental health really started to suffer and I knew something had to change. I was suffering severe anxiety and panic attacks. It was only after I left the drug and alcohol field I was diagnosed with acute post-traumatic stress disorder from things I was exposed to whilst at work. I knew I would only get worse if I didn’t do something immediately. I was so unhappy and unhealthy. The day of the second major incident I went home from work early and was given a few days off, it was over this time I made the call. I withdrew from studying Master of Social Work and made a deal with myself that I would not only change my career but also change my lifestyle. No more skipping meals, eating whatever whenever, relying on caffeine for energy or alcohol to cope. I would create a career around what I loved doing.

Food has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up in a family where Mum was always either in the garden tending to fruit and vegetable plants or in the kitchen cooking the produce she grew. Being healthy from the inside out was the way I was raised. Fast forward 20 years when I’d made the decision to change my unhealthy lifestyle it was my first instinct to revert back to eating as naturally and as wholesome as possible to heal myself. My determination to heal and repair lead me to study nutrition and naturally progressed into a clear career path where my love of health and food would combine.

I believe that a persons mindset is a huge contributing factor to their overall health. I am living proof of that. Nourishing my body with whole foods and limiting toxins and toxic environments was my first step in my journey to loving not only my body but also myself. I love helping people and although my previous career as a drug and alcohol counsellor allowed me to do that I had no balance. It was majorly fulfilling in one aspect I was constantly exhausted until I made the change to nourish and nurture my body. I now have more energy, sleep better, I don’t hate what I see when I look in the mirror and find I don’t get as irritable as I used to.

I still have a coffee but now it’s because I enjoy the taste, not because I need the caffeine buzz. I still enjoy a glass of wine with friends, but don’t need to polish off a bottle after a bad day. And yes, I still treat myself. It’s all about balance and being gentle on yourself. Were human, not perfect. With this mindset I help client’s discover how good the body is designed to feel from the inside out.

How can I help you?

I use various counselling interventions to gently guide client’s through their journey to discover a healthier lifestyle.

Educating client’s about whole foods and fuelling their bodies with nourishing foods is my top priority. During sessions client’s gain the skill set to move forward on their journey with a healthy mind and body.

Although knowing how to eat healthy foods is hugely important I believe that overall wellness and nutrition goes much deeper than that. Working from a holistic treatment model allows me personalise nutrition and wellness plans tailored to each client as an individual.

Often eating patterns are symptoms of underlying issues for people which is when I implement behaviour change techniques, creating lasting change in clients. Finding balance, health and a wholesome lifestyle I believe is so much more important than just following an eating plan to achieve what your ‘ideal body’ looks like. It’s about having a heathy mindset to love your body no matter what life stage you are in and have the skills to nourish your body for life.

I’m not into fad diets, I’m into nutrition from a whole foods approach with the aim of consuming all of your required nutrients from your food where possible. I focus on the behaviour change aspect of nutrition and wellness to assist client’s in reaching their goals. The aim of Food Intelligence is to not only educate client’s about nutrition but also to guide them through a healing journey with balance, nourishment and wellness at the core.

My Credentials

I’m a major nerd so I know i’ll always be studying something but for now here’s my qualifications: Post Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition; Diploma of Counselling; Bachelor of Arts


Contact me


Instagram: food_intelligence

Facebook: Food Intelligence

Website: www.foodintelligence. international


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