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Do you have a Skin Plan for this year?

Posted on February 05 2016

We all know the benefits of long term planning.. these goals are rarely achieved without the little steps better known as Short Term Goals.

 At Luminosity Skin short term skin goals are any goal that you set for your skin that can be accomplished within 12 months, and may even be accomplished the day you start! These goals can be to improve clarity, texture, tone, colour, strength and or rejuvenation. Usually these short term goals are smaller parts of the bigger, longer term goals that leave you with optimal skin  - what ever that may be!


How to Start your Skin Plan...

If there's a single way to approach getting a healthy complexion, it's treating your skincare routine as you would a diet: Take special care with ingredients, know what your using and how they work? Question the concept of the product and truly understand how its going to help you achieve your goal. Remember that the rest of your lifestyle plays a role, and know that good results take time

The fundamental difference, however, is that while it's virtually impossible to transform your body in a single day, without some hard work and a lot of sacrifice, when we action your plan for skin there is often significant improvement immediately following the correction of skin-care and the introduction of a basic skin treatment to refresh and renew

It's the most ideal situation, since this means that even though you'll have to establish good habits and patience and some more challenging skin concerns may take time and commitment, you can achieve a really healthy complexion quite quickly.

We pride ourselves on developing a long term relationship with you to help ensure you achieve your long term skin goals, by working through the steps together we will be by your skin's side every step of the way. - Luminosity

To start your 2016 Skin Plan please call 52217676 or email Tash at to book a complimentary Skin Plan Consultation

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