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Have you told him the truth yet?


So many cosmetic patients have begun asking for more subtle, gradual changes - to hide the tweaks from friends, family and partners.

It is said 72 per cent of women hide non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as anti wrinkle injections and dermal filler from friends and family, and more than half hide them from their partners.

But men are the worst culprits, with 81 per cent admitting to not telling friends and family.

Most don't want people to know including their spouses and we GET IT!

For the right reasons, its ok to be discrete... so here's a couple of hints so your secret is safe....

Keep it Natural. With anti wrinkle injections, some women either want “natural” look or a “frozen” look. We rarely advocate the “frozen” look, although some women do ask for that result. Keeping it “natural” will give you a soft anti-aging. It won’t give away your secret and it really looks the most attractive. People will just think you look better, but they won’t be able to pinpoint exactly why. Here at Luminosity our injectors have been trained NOT to do a “cookie cutter” treatment with your anti wrinkle injections and dermal filler, so each person receives an individualized and customized treatment to get their optimal result.

    Plan ahead for bruising. Although most don’t bruise with anti wrinkle injections and dermal filler , if you are prone to easily bruise or you take a lot of fish oil and herbal supplements, we might not be able to prevent it altogether. The best advice is to stop taking aspirin a few weeks prior to your Botox treatment and avoid alcohol just before your treatment.

    Maintain your Botox. Get the look you want and keep it. Regular treatments (every 3-4 months) will keep the muscles weakend so they atrophy over time. You won’t go abruptly each time from wrinkles to no wrinkles, so no one will remember that you ever had any. Following a regular anti-wrinkle regimen will also mean more effective treatments.

    Pay in Cash or Go on our PAYMENT PLAN. If you don’t want a paper trail that may betray your secret, stockpile cash between treatments so you have the money ready to go. Or, take advantage of our payment plan. This is operated on a direct debit system. Depending on how much Botox you require you can automatically put this money aside every month. This not only guarantees you of having the money when YOU NEED it but also ensures that you get your injectable treatment for $12 per unit. This is a huge saving! Give us a call and we can set this up for you.

      Just don’t tell. If someone asks why you look so great, just say you’ll never give away your beauty secrets, but that you do come see us at Luminosity Skin for some rejuvenating treatments from time to time (remember if you refer a friend you get $50 towards your next treatment). If they get suspicious that you’ve had anti wrinkle injections and dermal filler, maybe just say that you certainly wouldn’t rule it out in the future when you needed it.

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