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LuminositySkin Winter Skin Tips

Posted on July 27 2015

Winter Skin Tips

As I sit staring out the window watching the harsh winds and heavy rain fog up the window, I’ve had a realization. Like it or not we are definitely in the midst of Winter! With colder temps and dryer days winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Here are some tips to keep your skin winter ready:

Bump up the moisture to aid that barrier

Winter weather mixed with indoor heating solutions can cause dry and harsh conditions both in the air and on your skin. Our skin’s barrier is the first line of defense when it comes to bacteria, UV radiation, environmental toxins, dry climate, etc. It is important to support the outer layer of our skin by not stripping it with harsh cleansers and constant everyday physical exfoliants. Try using non-drying, gentle surfactants to assist in keeping our skin’s barrier intact such as Luminosity Cleanser with Kiwi and Coconut, these two products cleanse effectively without stripping the natural oils off the surface of the skin

Luminosity moisturisers utilise ingredients that mimic our skin’s natural moisture. You may also find, however, that this time of year it is often beneficial to “bump up your moisturiser” and use something that can effectively add hydration without the heavy weight associated with applying a thicker cream. Options are Hyaluronic Acid (a product you can purchase directly in clinic) or StemFactor which will increase the absorption rate of other topical products, providing greater levels of moisture in the skin. 

Ultra gentle exfoliation

For skin that is dry, dull and dehydrated, deep exfoliation 1- 2 times per month can help to smooth out the upper epidermal layers without causing inflammation. Try our Microdermabrasion treatment  which gently lifts dead skin cells and superficial debris. This hydrating treatment is completed with the powerhouse antioxidant Co-Q10 and leaves skin protected and radiant.

Other Treatment ideas...

for Winter Skin include Frac3 - a revolutionary laser treatment that encourages stimulation via subtle heat dispersion. A perfect lunch time or after work treatment. Tightening and Toning of the skin is present for up to 5 days with longer lasting effects for cell renewal and texture.

We offer a Frac3 VIP deal for clients who have this treatment on a regular basis. Think a gentle warming and stimulating facial treatment with lasting thermal effects - who doesn't want that this Winter!!  To book a consult with a skin experts call 52217676 or book online follow this link

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