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Vanishing Act: Un-Tattoo You - PAIN FREE!



Perhaps fashion’s love affair with ink can be traced back directly to Freja Beha Erichsen: In less than a decade, the Danish supermodel’s eighteen tattoos—from the swirling letters that spell float on her neck to the blazing bolt of lightning on her rib cage—have propelled the trend from the realm of counterculture into the arena of personal identity. 
These days, the right tattoo has emerged as a brilliant extension of signature style—see Miki Zanini’s ivy-etched earlobe or Pamela Love’s irrefutably cool tribal markings. Still, lately we’re beginning to wonder: What if you’re not so lucky? What if, like an ill-fated seasonal impulse buy, you realize you’ve made a mistake or you would rather have something else in that area? 

Such is the case of many stories we hear! 

New technology advances have allowed us to offer a pain free solution too Tattoo removal/lightening treatment. With minimal discomfort and no skin damage its a great alternative for that Tattoo you wish to treat. To book a complimentary consultation call 52217676 or book online www.luminosityskin.com.au