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Cutting Edge Stem Cell Skincare is here!

Posted on May 04 2015

Most people are vaguely familiar with the central idea underpinning stem cell science: embryonic stem cells can divide and diversify into specialized cells with specific functions, such as skin, bone or muscle. A single stem cell’s potential to regenerate damage tissue has provided a whole new way to tackle disease.

The floodgates to a new surge of stem-cell-based skincare products were opened when the Nobel prize was awarded jointly to two stem-cell experts, British scientist John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka from Japan, demonstrated the ability to take normal adult cells and transform them into stem cells, essentially “turning back the clock” and making ageing cells young again. All of a sudden there was a possibility of a holy grail of cosmetic products - not injections, nothing dangerous, but something that could slow down the aging process. Stem cells have and will change everything in skincare. Scientifically speaking, worn-out stem cells are today considered one of the biggest causes of chronological ageing; you might not remember how your skin was 20 years ago, but your stem cells certainly do. So if you can invigorate those stem cells with the right ingredients in a face cream, that’s true anti-ageing.

Applying the technology to skincare is a natural progression: stem cells can yield millions of healthy new cells, bestowing skin with the youthful glow of high cell renewal.

Here at Luminosity Skin we believe the days of the 9 step skin routine are gone and it is now time to embrace new avenues for anti-aging products. With these thoughts in mind our clinicians and experts behind the scenes have produced a stem cell serum namely Lumi Stemfactor 150+.

The Lumi Stemfactor 150+ is the new leading edge skin serum available on the market today. Stemfactor 150+ accelerates the skin restoration process. Boosted with 150 growth factor cells (derived from human stem cells), Lumi Stemfactor helps repair tissue DNA, helps repair scar tissue and even out skin tone.

We believe it is time to invest in your skins future, and there's no doubt that this product will supersede anything you have been using before. Call us today on 52217676 to talk more about this amazing anti-aging product or alternatively you can buy Lumi Stemfactor 150+ online at





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