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The Complete Guide To Having The Best Skin Of Your Life in your 50's

Posted on April 27 2015

Need proof that your 50s and beyond are an amazing time? How about this: Prince is 56. Congrats — you’ve arrived to the decade which some women proclaim to be the best and happiest time of their lives. To quote Rosanna Arquette, though, “Menopause is not for sissies. "Preach it, sister!!!!". Though each woman will experience menopause and its symptoms differently, there are some things most everyone can expect: [Menopause otherwise known as Men-ON-Pause] can wreak havoc on your hormones and emotions. You will notice that your skin is really starting to thin, and collagen breaks down, leading to a slightly sagging complexion. You may also see visible brown spots, and your skin will become drier. To keep ahead, get the products made just for women over 50.

50s & Above: Defend Your Barrier
The skin’s barrier, or surface layers, is your body’s first line of defense for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. In short, the barrier’s job is keeping the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. But, as you age, those layers become less efficient at doing their job, as sebum-secreting glands slow down and transepidermal water loss increases. (Translation: fewer of those protective natural oils on your face, and more dehydration.) We recommend using products specifically aimed to restore your skin’s safeguards. eg: Vitamin A
If you are noticing your skin’s dryness is becoming problematic, reach for Lumi Co-Q10 oil. Formulated specially by us using some of the most nourishing and regenerative ingredients to help combat the delicate ageing process. Lumi CoQ10 oil is an antioxidant that helps rejuvenate dry and damaged skin. It also improves skin tone and elasticity..

50s & Above: Zap Brown Spots With Lasers
If your 20s involved plenty of outdoor frolicking, sunbathing, and minimal (or more accurately, zero) sunscreen, these are likely going to be the years in which those sunny sins of the past will become evident, particularly in the form of dark spots. Fear not: There’s a 21st-century technological innovation for that.

To combat the brown spots that have popped up, you may want to consider lasers, which can eradicate them in as little as one to three treatments. Indeed, lasers can be intimidating, but they’ve come a long way over the past two decades. With options like Frac 3 - a Light laser treatment for rejuvenation or Twin-Light skin rejuvenation becoming more and more common, there’s a host of options at a varying range of costs. These treatments will heal signs of aging faster and more effectively than any miracle cream. Call us today on 52217676, or book online at to book in for a free consult with one of our clinicians.

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