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The Complete Guide To Having The Best Skin Of Your Life in your 40's

If House of Cards’ Claire Underwood has taught us anything (aside from how to slay it in a sheath dress), it’s that women in their 40s can pretty much conquer the world if they want. For many women, it’s a decade when self-doubt and fear are replaced by confidence and self-assuredness. It’s also a time when your body is transforming. Again. Thanks to decreasing estrogen levels and perimenopause, your 40s can bring some of the most dramatic physical changes you’ve experienced this side of puberty (but, happily, sans the teen angst and bad outfits). Nowhere are these changes more outwardly apparent than on your skin.

Wrinkles deepen, and skin gets drier and less firm because estrogen, which maintains collagen and elastin, is on the decline. But, don’t abandon all hope. Prescription treatments, in-office procedures, and good old-fashioned moisturizing can help you look as youthful on the outside as you feel on the inside.

40s: Lighten Brown Spots With Vitamin A & C
Since childhood, we’ve chugged orange juice to stave off colds, but when the citrus’ vitamin is applied topically, it can work wonders on the skin. Not only has it been proven to protect skin from free-radical damage, it’s effective in treating a host of issues, including hyperpigmentation (a.k.a. those annoying brown spots that crop up after years of sun exposure).

40s: Start Exploring In-Office Treatments (If You Want To)
Even the best creams, serums, and potions can only do so much. At this age, those fine lines that started showing up in your 30s are becoming a bit deeper. For some of us, that’s not a big deal. For others, the prospect of seeking treatment that will soften those lines might be alluring — and that’s totally okay. If the wrinkles are becoming bothersome, explore injectables that can reduce their appearance. From dermal fillers like Juvederm to wrinkle-relaxing Botox, there are plenty of in-office treatments that can help restore your skin’s appearance. And, despite the dated stigmas these methods can stir up, there’s no shame in going this route if it’s what makes you feel good. Just take it from me lol!

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