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Are you afraid of commitment?

Have you been thinking about laser hair removal, but are hesitant to commit to treatment? If so, Karen and Michelle would like to share some information that may persuade you to take action. Here, they talk about three reasons laser hair removal is superior to other methods that you may be using.


It Is Less Tedious

One of the best ways to describe traditional hair removal methods is tedious. You must balance precariously in the shower as you shave your legs, carefully tweeze facial hair, remove unwanted hair from bikini zone, and regularly perform at-home waxing treatments or schedule appointments at the salon. For men, the time and energy needed to remove body hair is nearly impossible. These are time-consuming tasks.

At first, laser hair removal does require a time commitment. Depending on the treatment area, you might need between 3-9 treatment sessions for full results. This is because the laser only treats hair follicles in the active growth stage. Hairs grow in a cycle with different phases.  When the hair follicles are in their resting phase no treatment is successful. It can take between six weeks and three months for hair to pass through its growth cycle. Treatment will last about five minutes for small areas up to an hour for larger areas. It is important to note that once you start with laser hair removal that you complete the duration of treatment as hair will grow back and your initial investment will be lost.


It Is Less Painful

Any woman that has ever scheduled a bikini wax understands the discomfort of certain hair removal treatments. It is extremely painful to have hair ripped out of sensitive areas of the body. Shaving isn’t necessarily uncomfortable, but tweezing can be a delicate process, and depilatory creams can start to burn or itch as they dissolve the hair.

Many men want to get rid of their body hair. Traditional methods to remove of large areas of hair can be very painful and need to be repeated regularly. Laser hair removal is nearly painless and nearly permanent after all of the treatment sessions are complete.

While it’s not as comfortable as, say, a full body massage, laser hair removal is not painful. Many patients tell us that the laser feels like a quick snap or pinch as it deploys to target the hair follicles. And, after you’ve completed treatment, you don’t have to worry about regular appointments to maintain the results (like you would a bikini wax).

It Is a Better Investment

Think of all the money you currently spend on hair removal tools: shaving cream, waxing appointments, Nair cream. Disposable razors aren’t cheap!

Sure, laser hair removal involves an upfront investment. However, it’s a one-time cost for long-lasting results. Consider the money you will save on replacing razors, tweezers and waxing kits over time. When you add up the regular costs of hair removal, laser hair removal makes financial sense.

Schedule a Laser Hair Removal Appointment

If you’re feeling more confident that laser hair removal is the solution you’re looking for, both Karen and Michelle invite you to learn more about the treatment. Please call 52217676 or book online to book an appointment.