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Posted on January 21 2014

This is what a Twin light Laser Treatment can do for you!

This is a heartfelt message we received from Kim.


"Hello ladies at Luminosity,

Just a quick note to let you know how things are going.

Every morning I wake up and can't believe the difference in my skin after the laser treatment. The long term affects are beyond remarkable. What is most remarkable is the way that you guys did not cringe when I first stepped foot in the clinic with my massively sun damaged, dry and acne prone skin which over time had become so hyper sensitive that it could not even tolerate water without feeling tight and going bright red. I have never lived a day since I was 13 without a pimple and the scarring I had was hideous. Since the treatment which was five weeks ago, NOT ONE PIMPLE AT ALL ANYWHERE. My skin looks and feels like it should've when I was 13!!! If only you ladies were around in my teenage years and early twenties, I would've suffered a lot less anxiety about my horrendous skin. My only wish was to be able to feel comfortable to go out in public without layers of make up on!!! I don't think I could even tell you where my foundation is at the moment lol!!! I don't need it!!!

The way you treated me when I was there was amazing and I never wanted to leave, the procedure was painless and results were outstanding. I was trying to find a before shot of my skin, but I would be too embarrassed to put any up.

Thanks so much to you lovely ladies, you understand the difference you have made externally but if only you knew the massive impact you made internally!!"

Kim (photo below)

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